Since you’re here, you’ve probably already decided to visit Serbia. Besides providing you with information about what you should see in Serbia, delicious food you ought to taste, and the fun you mustn’t miss if you wish to experience Serbia in all its splendor, portal will also provide you with numerous useful pieces of information that will help you plan your arrival and stay in Serbia in the best possible way.

Besides finding accommodation, portal will help you purchase a plane ticket and rent a car, so that you can enjoy every minute of your travel, without any worries. On this page you can find information about the documents needed for coming to Serbia, addresses of the information desks in all the major cities, prices, state holidays, important telephone numbers, culture centers and embassies, public transportation…

Once you’ve addressed these issues, the only thing you need to do is give in to Serbia’s charm and be careful not to miss some wonderful landscapes, cultural monuments, traditional places for enjoyment and many other things. We do hope you get to visit all parts of the country, however, even if you don’t, every piece of Serbia will bring you something interesting. Because of that, portal will in this section recommend the most famous tours across Serbia.

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