Political System


The Constitution of the Republic of Serbia stipulates that Serbia is a “state of the Serbian people and all its citizens, based on the rule of law and social justice, the principles of civil democracy, human and minority rights and freedoms, and commitment to European principles and values”.

The Serbian political system is based on the principle of separation of authority between the executive, legislative and judicial. The holder of legislative authority, the National Assembly – the representative body of 250 members who are elected in direct elections using the proportional electoral system, by voting for the electoral list and the distribution of parliamentary seats in proportion to the number of votes the electoral lists received.

The holder of the executive authority is the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which consists of 18 ministries, two vice presidents and a prime minister. The current Government also has three ministers without portfolio, and the prime minister is Aleksandar Vučić.

The president of the Republic of Serbia is a symbol of national unity and state representative in the country and the world. The president does not answer to the Assembly, but to all the citizens in the Republic, who select him every five years. The current president of the Republic of Serbia is Tomislav Nikolić.

The judicial authority consists of the Constitutional Court, which has 15 judges, chosen by the National Assembly, then the regular courts and the prosecution.

National Bank of Serbia is responsible for monetary policy of the state.

Serbian state symbols

National anthem is a solemn song “Bože pravde” by Jovan Đorđević written to the music by Davorin Jenko. It is an old anthem of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia with slightly altered lyrics.

National coat of arms is the same as the one of the Kingdom of Serbia, which was in use since 1882. A double-headed white eagle is depicted on it, with a shield on his chest with the cross and four steels (four symbolic letters), while above the eagle’s head is a crown of the Nemanjić dynasty.

National flag of Serbia is a tricolor with horizontally placed colors – red on top, blue in the middle and white on the bottom.

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