Individualised Training

Red Star New Zealand uses individual and small group training sessions for improving specific physical, technical/tactical and mental performance related aspects of the game. Our individualised training programmes are open to all academy and non-academy junior players.

What we offer:

A detailed player assessment – building up a clear picture of players’ abilities and identifying causes of potential weaknesses as a first step in their correction:

A specific one-on-one or a small group training programme based on individual abilities and needs, designed for:

  • Correction of weaknesses identified in the process of building up a player’s profile.
  • Further improvement of a specific strength.
  • A specific position training (goalkeepers, midfielders etc).
  • Developing speed and agility as a decisive factor in modern football.
  • Developing athletic foundation for football.
  • Fitness recovery training after an injury.
  • Mental strength training (individual work to improve concentration, confidence and willpower).

To arrange a player assessment or an individualised training programme please fill in the form below or call us on 021 022 75757 or 0212930518.