The thrilling rafting down the wild rivers, bike riding through the lively landscapes of the untouched nature, shopping, trying out the finest wines or crazy night out until the early morning? Serbia offers various possibilities for the unforgettable time and a trip to remember!

Our country is known as a “sports nation” or the country with a large number of sport achievements. Here you will have a chance to try out various sports activities and attractions. Only at the famous Belgrade Sea- Ada Ciganlija, there are over 50 sport courts, and different extreme and recreational sports are very popular throughout Serbia. If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy the hikingparagliding, skiing, raftingskydiving or biking, then now is the time for that!

For those who are lovers of shopping, visiting restaurants and trying out the wine of a great quality, Serbia has to offer many things as well. Shopping malls with miscellaneous offer of local and foreign brands, but also numerous stores located in the popular shopping zones are a real heaven for shopaholics! There is also a great number of restaurants and bars which Serbian capital, but also other cities throughout Serbia are known for. From the traditional and international cuisine to the ethno and modern ambiance, these places must be visited! The same goes to the 9 wine routes which are hiding more than 700 wine types of the best quality.

The thing which separates Serbia, and especially its capital city from other European places for going out, is the time spent in an unforgettable way. In Belgrade, the city that never sleeps, you can expect glorious atmosphere, dancing ‘till the morning light and a lot of incredible music. From clubssplavs and kafanas in the capital, but also other cities across Serbia, you will never get bored!