Natural Beauties

What makes Serbian landscape so diverse, are its various natural features located near each other in a relatively small geographical area. There are colossal mountains, plains, deserts, mild forested landscapes with series of streams and calm rivers, steep canyons and gorges, enchanting caves and thermal springs that have been used for healing since the age of Romans.

Around 6% of Serbian territory is under protection because of its well preserved natural wealth, extremely well maintained natural ecosystems and colorful landscapes.

A total number of protected natural areas in Serbia is 463. It consists of 5 national parks, 16 nature parks, 16 landscapes with exceptional features, 67 nature reserves, 42 protected areas of cultural and historical value, and 317 monuments of nature.

There are countless mesmerizing landscapes in Serbia stretching all the way from Vojvodina in the north of the country, to Metohija in the south. There are also many rare and interesting animals like Griffon Vulture that can be spotted in the canyon of the river Uvac. Besides that you can see the petrified “wedding guests” of the mystical Đavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town), drink water from a spring of a mountain stream, or merely peak into the ice age of Resava cave.

You must activate all of your senses in order to experience the nature in Serbia in its full splendor.