Serbian Cities

Serbia has 24 cities, and each of them has a unique history, and its own stories and legends. Most of them are known as places of engaging entertainment and fun nights out that last until the morning. Everywhere you go, you will meet friendly people, whose heartwarming and welcoming hospitality is one of many Serbian trademarks.

From Subotica in the north to the Priština in the south – every Serbian city has more history, more stories and legends than any book can possibly hold. And when you get tired of sightseeing and admiring the magnificent historical monuments, after all the walking you can always find some peace and quiet in the local taverns, cafes and restaurants, by which each place in Serbia is already widely known for.

The largest cities in Serbia are: BelgradeNovi Sad and Niš. These cities offer the most engaging activities imaginable, available any time of the year. During the warm summers, famous Serbian music festivals bring refreshment, taking place right in these three cities – “Belgrade Beer Fest” in Belgrade, the best European music festival “Exit” in Novi Sad, and one of Europe’s largest jazz festivals, “Nišville” hosted by the city of Niš.

Apart from the fun and excellent entertaining outings, every Serbian city will romance you and make you fall in love with it, using something specific to that area – whether it’s a particular tradition, unique monument, or unique tastes of national cuisine

You will be mesmerized and drawn in by the elegance and cleanliness of Vojvodina’s cities, and you will fall in love with the bohemian charm and playful southern spirit, while the cities of Šumadija will forever remain imprinted in your memory thanks to their sensational gourmet dishes.

This column takes you “on a tour” throughout the Serbian cities and discovers not only the well-kept secrets hidden inside them, but the surrounding ones as well – precious jewels known to locals only, which you by no means should miss.