Programme Overview


FC Red Star Belgrade Youth Development Programme is an all-round football education based on gradual development of all fundamental factors required to play football at the top level: TechnicalTacticalPhysical and Psychological/Social.


Player Development

We have a systematic and analytic approach to player development. This long-term process is fully determined by players’ stage of physical and mental development.

As children develop at different rates, ability groups are used rather than age groups.


Player Evaluation

The main factors that determine a player’s standard of performance are regularly monitored, tested and evaluated.  Building up detailed Physical, Technical/Tactical and Psychological/Social profiles allows us to create a clear picture of players’ individual abilities and helps us identify their weaknesses as a first step in their correction.


Long, Medium and Short Term Objectives

Our annual training plan determines priorities and long-term objectives for each age group based on their stage of development and the current level of ability. In the periodisation process, general and specific objectives are set for each period, phase, meso and microcycle.


Training Objectives

Training objectives are set around long and medium term objectives, taking into account recent team and individual performance, current physical and mental state of players and training conditions (state of field and weather conditions).


Training Content

The content of each session is clearly determined by the training objectives.

Improving technical abilities as one of the prime training objectives takes up the majority of the training schedule.


Training Structure

Our training sessions are highly structured and planned in detail to ensure:

  • Progression from a simple drill, through increasingly difficult exercises, to a complex technical/tactical exercise.
  • That the training session comes as close as possible to real match situations.
  • As many touches with the ball as possible.



Progression from an analytical exercise to a genuine situation is an essential part of our training programme. All technical elements learned are practiced through specifically designed combination play drills and condition games, and then in a match situation.



As applying learned skills in real match situations is imperative, FC Red Star New Zealand Academy uses competition as a crucial means in the process of shaping and developing young players. 


Organisational Forms

In addition to the Whole Team and Team Units session, we use Individual training sessions as a valuable form for correcting identified weaknesses as well as improving specific physical, technical and tactical performance related aspects of the game.


Theoretical Preparation

As an all-round football education, our programme also includes theoretical topics such as nutrition, game-day preparation, mental skills, recovery, injury prevention etc.


Training Evaluation

We evaluate all aspects of our sessions and all training cycles, constantly looking to identify mistakes and make improvements in the coaching process.