“The tour was a life-changing experience for me. I was impressed by the passion from the clubs we played and those we watched. Being in the professional environment was different and new, but I really enjoyed it. Great weather and awesome places we stayed at.”   L. P.

“The football tour of Serbia was one of the greatest experiences of my life. There is noting in New Zealand that compares to the football opportunities in Serbia.”  E.O.

“All the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves, experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity. The were many beautiful scenic places that we saw and fun activities that we did. The highlight being the Champions league game.”    J.P.

“Serbia was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am glad I was able to experience it with the team. Some highlights of the trip was going to the Red Star champions league game and the Red Star basketball game. ”   Daryl H.

“It was way better than I expected and we had lots of laughs and fun with all the other boys.  A great trip to go on.”   T.M.



“The trip to Serbia was a fantastic footballing and cultural experience for the boys.  The trip was well planned and when you factor in what the touring party did whilst in Serbia, it offered great value for money.  It was an opportunity for the players to live the life of eating and sleeping ‘football’ in a top European footballing environment.  Lots of lifelong memories were made and I am sure the players will look back fondly of their trip to Serbia in 2019”.  N.M

“It was a truly wonderful experience for Will and all of us. Belgrade was amazing, we would be returning to Serbia”. H.M.

“We really appreciate the effort and organisation put in to make the experience so valuable for the boys. Whilst Liam was away, we enjoyed all the updates and happenings which enabled us to keep in touch with the tour. Upon his return, Liam was buzzing and full of lots of wonderful travel and football stories. The tour exceeded all of our expectations.”   C.P.

My wife, daughter and myself had the pleasure of accompanying my son and the Red Star team to Serbia this year.  We all saw parts of Serbia none of us would have dreamed of seeing in any other situation. Novi Sad and Belgrade were particular highlights personally as well as the basketball game we saw. Can only imagine how much the boys enjoyed the Champions League Football match! Honestly, wouldn’t have put Serbia on the bucket list but now, having been there, would love to go back. Even my daughter has mentioned a few times she misses Serbia. ”  S.W.

“It was a well organised trip and Tom had a great time.  He has come back more confident and competent.”  C.M.

“The Serbia tour was awesome! It was nice to learn about the country’s history as well as watch the boys play “international” football!! All the hotels we stayed in were really great! They were clean and tidy and centrally located, so it was easy to get around. My boys and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.”   K.H.