Cultural Attractions

Serbia is a country of exceptional cultural heritage and richness, with remains of civilizations tens of centuries old and a great number of spiritual creations

Culture has always been an integral part of Serbian identity. People, whose monuments originate from ancient times and whose script dates back from the 9th century, have created an immense cultural heritage. You will find testimonies of this all across Serbia because each corner of the country, from the biggest city to a smallest village, has remarkable history.

This is the country of outstanding cultural heritage that embraces archaeological remains of ancient civilizations. We’re inviting you to visit us and discover why these monuments will leave you breathless. It is easy to fall in love with their uniqueness and beauty, so we guarantee that you won’t be indifferent!

Enthusiasts searching for something truly authentic simply have to visit the medieval monasteries and churches in Serbia. These holy places treasure some of the oldest and most beautiful treasures of Serbian art and architecture. Frescoes are more than just a representation of lives of saints; they are mementos of turbulent historic events.

From the remains of prehistoric civilizations living on this land 40,000 years ago, rich Roman heritage, medieval castles and fortresses, to cultural attractions of modern time… Serbia is the right place for all history lovers!

Our recommendations on cultural attractions that you should visit in Serbia can be found in the stories that we wrote just for you. We invite you to come and discover why the monuments of Serbian culture are something to remember for a lifetime.