Schools Partnership Programme


FC Red Star New Zealand Schools Partnership Programme aims to create the optimal environment for talented young New Zealand players to develop into professional footballers by fostering co-operation instead of competition between schools and local clubs.



The School Partnership Programme provides our academy players with the opportunity to play both school and club competitions in their school/academy teams. The programme is designed not only to minimize the counterproductive impact of school football versus club football clash on player development, but also to

  • Allow the use of competition as a crucial means in the process of shaping and developing young players as applying learned skills in real match situations is imperative, especially for players in the pre-training stage of development (progression from an analytical exercise to a genuine situation).
  • Provide an all-round football education for students which will not only develop football-specific skills, but help them develop their personality, build the confidence, improve their mental strength, social skills etc.
  • Raise the level of football at school. It could be especially beneficial to secondary schools with integrated intermediate level, which can use the advantage of having students for two more years to create depth, develop team spirit, sense of belongings etc.
  • Minimize the transportation problems for parents as the academy players would train at school.