2020 Programme Overview


2020 starting date:    Monday 10 February

2019 finishing date:   Thursday 10 December

Training Days:            Monday to Thursday

Training Time:             7.30 am – 8.45 am

Training field:              Rosmini Football 1

Changing rooms:        New Gym

Training Kit:                 FC Red Star Academy kit

Registration Fee:        $120 annually including the training kit

Coaching Fee:             $100 per term for 1 or $150 for 2 training sessions per week

50% Sponsorship:      Available to siblings and to families with money issue – conditions apply

Full Sponsorship:      Available to 13A and 14A players with money issue – conditions apply


Training Groups and Days

As we use ability rather that age groups, training squads will be formed according to players’ performance capacity and their stage of physical and mental  development.

Players selected for 13 A and 14 A1 Red Star Rosmini squads will be training on Monday and Wednesday within their teams.

Academy players who are not selected or choose not to play for a school/academy team will be split into ability groups. They can choose to train once or twice a week but might be asked to train on Tuesday and Thursday.

The decision on training groups and days will be made after the trial period.


Team Selection

13A and 14 A1 Rosmini Red Star teams will be named after 5 weeks trial/training period starting 10 February 2020.

All selected players are expected to train twice a weekHowever, the number of sessions will be negotiated on individual basis, and will depend on the club commitment.

Players not selected for one of our teams are welcome to train with the non-playing group. They would be able to play for the B team which will be run by school.


Competition Objectives 

FC Red Star Academy uses competition as a crucial means in the process of shaping and developing young players. Applying learned skills in real match situations, developing tactical and mental aspect of the game is our imperative rather than achieving results.  Therefore, wining games at all cost is not our  prime objective.   


Red Star Rosmini 14 A1

As we have already qualified for the top 14 grade division, there will  be no grading round next year. Our 14 grade Red Star Rosmini team will be playing in the top Auckland wide competition in a home and away round-robin format.


Red Star Rosmini 13 A

Forming a 13 grade Red Star Rosmini team in 2019 will be subject to having depth for two quality teams. We do not believe in winning at all cost but we do believe in playing at the highest possible level. Therefore, there will be no 13 grade academy team this year unless both 13 and 14 grade team can be competitive at the highest level.

The decision on entering the 13 grade team will be made after the trial period.



The AIMS team will be selected in term 3 and will be training within our academy as last year. Non-academy players will also be eligible for selection.


Training/Match kit

  • Academy training kit –  compulsory for all academy players.
  • FC Red Star match kit and warm-up jacket– compulsory for 13 A and 14 A players.
  • Academy tracksuits – optional for all academy players


Rosmini Football Fee

In addition to FC Red Star registration and coaching fee, all 13A and 14A academy  players will also have to pay a school football fee.

As school has kindly agree to give 50% discount to all Red Star academy players, the annual school fee will only be $75. This is paid directly to Rosmini College.